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A lesson in playing hard to get

November 22, 2013


Yup. I finally caved and re-joined the gym. The combination of it being too dark in the mornings to do my dorky power walking and the lack of motivation to do kickboxing videos while my husband awkwardly looked on were my main motivators. Oh. And I guess the fact that I need to get healthy.

What I learned in the process of checking out gyms is that I’m not good at playing hard to get. I am too transparent for that. I want what I want, when I want it. I don’t have time to negotiate, or wait and come back later to make you think that I am no longer interested. I barely have time to go to the gym.

So I did some research, made some calls, and then some appointments. At World Gym, I took the tour, signed up for a free 3 day pass, went every day for the duration and then paid the registration fee, the monthly fee and some other annual fee to join. This all happened within a week’s time.

The mister on the other hand did not do research, did not make calls or appointments, took the tour, signed up for a free 3 day pass, didn’t go once and two days after I joined he got a call from the sales person who offered to waive the registration fee and annual fee, a savings of about $100.

Unbelievable. Right? After just two days?

I guess patience really is a virtue. And playing hard to get will sometimes pay off.


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