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Beauty All Star: Sea Salt Spray

October 1, 2013

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In developing our latest budget, we realized that I spend A LOT of money each month on personal maintenance. A girl’s gotta look good, right?

From hair appointments (going platinum is expensive!) to makeup to wax appointments to skin care, that stuff really, really, adds up. Honestly, it’s kind of embarrassing, but I know I am not alone.

Ever since, I have been trying to find ways to save on my daily use beauty products (’cause let’s be honest I am not going without root dyes or waxing).

One of the great things about platinum hair is that you don’t have to wash it every day, as a matter of fact, you shouldn’t. It’s amazing! It doesn’t get greasy for 4 or 5 days (TMI??), but it does lose some of its body. About two years ago my amazing hairstylist got me addicted to sea salt sprays. The spray adds texture and volume to any hair type. If you are not using one yet, you should start now. It really helps get that oh-so-desirable beach waves look, and for me, helps to add texture to hair that hasn’t been washed for a few days.

Of course as a first time sea salt spray user, I went with the expensive salon brand when I first got addicted to this product. But after the budget refresh a few months back (more on how that is going coming soon), I started looking for alternatives.

Thanks to a super awesome friend, I found out about John Masters Organics Sea Mist. While it’s a bit saltier than the more expensive brand, it works the same and adds the amazing smell of lavender to your locks. Coming in at $15, it is half the price of the salon brand, and because it is saltier, you only need a couple of sprays, i.e, it lasts longer.  You can order it online, or get it at Whole Foods, that is what I do.

How do you save on your must-have beauty products?

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